High-Efficiency Heating & Cooling

High–efficiency systems are engineered and installed to deliver more comfort, better moisture control, improved indoor air quality, and quieter operation. Learn more about a complete heating and cooling system in this fact sheet (PDF, 1.83MB).

Efficient Heating and Cooling Equipment

Look for higher efficiency equipment that delivers premium performance. This equipment uses less energy, operates at reduced noise levels, and often comes with extended warranty coverage.

Proper Design and Quality Installation Practices

The heating and cooling systems in ENERGY STAR certified homes and apartments are designed and installed in accordance with industry-accepted best practices and subject to independent review and inspection.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

The living space in ENERGY STAR certified homes and apartments are served by ventilation systems that continuously exchange indoor air with outdoor air to reduce the indoor air pollutants in your home. Systems are also installed in bathrooms and kitchens to more rapidly remove moisture and cooking contaminants that can be harmful to occupant health and to the durability of your home.

Deitch Custom Homes is a proud Energy Star Partner and builds all of our homes to the highest energy efficient standards. Each home is independently certified.

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