Every year, homeowners spend thousands of dollars on their utility bills because of drafty windows that waste energy. If you are interested in the environment, want to reduce your energy bills and consumption, and want to help make the world a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable place for your children, you might want to consider energy-efficient low-E and argon-filled glass as a standard feature in your new custom home in Tampa. This is one of the benefits of a new home in Tampa. These are some potential benefits:

When buying an older home you are usually getting the standard features common at the time the home was built. Old windows are usually single-paned, which can cause them to become ineffective. This frequently results in heat being lost due to the space that develops on the sides of the windows. But installing argon gas filled windows calls for the superior quality of double pane windows, as they can be filled with the colorless, odorless, and harmless gas. The enhanced quality can help to protect a room from heat loss by lessening the transmission of heat through the window promoting the stability of the temperature inside your home.

When used with low-E glass, argon gas filled windows cause the temperature of your window to become closer to room temperature, which lowers air flow and drafts when contrasting temperatures come into contact with one another. As a result, your home will remain insulated and you will start to use less heat in the winter and less air conditioning in the summer. In addition, the low-E glass protects the interior of your home from fading or discoloration.

With standard windows, the sun’s ultraviolet rays can transmit solar radiation, which substantially increases the heat inside of your home. In addition, UV rays can cause damage to your furniture, rugs, and curtains during the warmer months. But the low-E glass on an argon-filled window increases energy efficiency due to its ability to decrease solar heat gain by reducing the transfer of the sun’s damaging UV light.

The accumulation of condensation and frost on your windows can create moisture, make your home less comfortable and result in heat loss. But low-E argon gas windows drastically reduce the chance of frost and condensation appearing even in the coldest temperatures.

Unlike oxygen, which can deteriorate the material around the windows and advances the loss of both hot and cool air, argon will not ruin the frame material and can increase the life-span of your windows.

Along with substantially decreasing the transfer of heat, low-E argon-filled glass windows also deter the transfer of sound through a window. Road traffic, air traffic, weather, and other outside noise can be mitigated through the use of argon filled glass windows. We also recommend combining the low-E argon filled glass with vinyl frames.

Even though an investment in low-E argon gas windows is only a little higher than that of a standard single-pane window, the amount of money you will save on your utility bills over the duration of their life will easily justify the installation of these windows. However, at Deitch Custom Homes you can count on superior quality products and installation being a standard feature. When building your new custom home in Tampa, this is but one of the many areas to consider and one more reason to choose Deitch Custom Homes for your new home project.


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