Sealing Concrete Pavers

Most paver experts recommend sealing concrete pavers. Because concrete is porous it can absorb various materials, such as dirt, sand, food and beverages, etc., causing it to stain. Sealing the pavers gives them a shine and protects them over time. Sealing also converts the sand joints into a grout helping to prevent water seepage.

It is recommended that customers wait six months before they seal their pavers. This is so the pavers can cure and any efflorescence (salt in the concrete) can work its way out to the surface. Pavers should be thoroughly cleaned and must be 100% dry before being sealed.

While Deitch Custom Homes recommends you seal your pavers it is not required. Customers should be aware that once you seal your pavers you have made a commitment to reseal them every 2 – 3 years. Seal & Lock is generally recognized as one of the best sealants for concrete pavers. As always check with a concrete paver professional before performing any work yourself on your new custom home in Tampa.



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