In the three decades that our team has been involved in the home building industry one of the more controversial categories has been the means and methods available to provide pest control and termite protection. In the past, and even now some builders and pest control providers utilize harmful chemicals and carcinogens to control and eliminate insects and arachnids, specifically termites. Deitch Custom Homes prefers to use a borate product called Bora-Care for our customers pest control needs and termite protection. What are Borates? Borates are naturally-occurring minerals containing boron, the fifth element on the Periodic Table.  Trace amounts exist in rock, soil and water.  Plants need them to grow.  People need borates, too, as an important part of a healthy diet and an essential ingredient in many products necessary for an acceptable standard of living. Here are some of the benefits of Borates.

Metabolizing Effects: In certain organisms, borates can inhibit metabolic processes.  This makes them useful in controlling insects, bacteria and fungi in everything from construction timbers to cosmetics.

Flame-Proofing Effects: Combined with zinc, borates are used to retard flames and suppress smoke in polymers.  Borates also act as a flame retardant in cellulose insulation.

Agriculture: Boron is an essential micronutrient for plants, vital to their growth and development.  Without sufficient boron, plant fertilization, seeding and fruiting are not possible.  On every continent of the world, crop yields and food quality are diminished due to insufficient boron concentrations in the soil.  These deficiencies can be corrected with borate fertilizers.  In areas of acute deficiency, borates can increase crop yields by 30 to 40 percent.

Diet: Not surprisingly, people get the boron they need by eating plant-derived food.  Studies indicate that people in a wide variety of cultures consume one to three milligrams of boron per day through a combination of foods and drinking water in their local diets.  Although it has not been proved yet that humans need boron to live, there is almost universal agreement in the scientific community that boron is nutritionally important to maintain optimal health.

Wood Treatments: Borate-treated wood is on the rise as a safe and long-lasting method to protect homes and other structures from wood-destroying organisms.  Borate-based preservatives can be used to treat solid wood, engineered wood composites and other building materials like studs, plywood, joists and rafters.  Borates prevent fungal decay and are deadly to termites, carpenter ants and roaches – but are safe for people, pets and the environment.

This proven, effective product is a safe alternative for pest and Termite control to chemical applications that are known to be dangerous carcinogens. Be sure that your new homebuilder in Tampa utilizes this product to protect your wood and cellulose based products in your new home and that they are employing this naturally occurring mineral salt as a safe alternative to protecting your investment. After all your new home in Tampa is likely the biggest investment you will ever make.


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